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zorz1The bird on the left is named Žorž –  that’s “George” spoken with a French accent and then written down in Serbian. Because he’s a cosmopolitan bird, always eager to fly across horizons, encounter something new, observe it, ponder and then write about it (hence the pencil).

Following the example of Žorž, our migratory bird, Trust me, I’m a critic blog likewise crosses horizons: from author’s original domicile in “contemporary performing arts” to all kinds of theatre – improv, street, devised theatre, drama theatre –  to dance performances, live art, we also tackle intermedia and boardgames. Anything can be pondered about and reviewed. Nothing’s too “low” or too “high”, nothing’s taboo. But we don’t do opera. Sorry.


What is this blog about?
Reviews of theatre performances of all genres and types, plus works from related artistic/entertainment fields.  We also do opinions, comments and review theory.

Who writes it?
Currently the project of one author, Samo Oleami, and one bird, namely Žorž (in a companion role).

Anything special about this blog?
Samo believes in a dialogue and talking to artists before writing a review.  To exchange ideas, to get insight into their creative process, to drink a cuppa in company.
Žorž likes to decorate articles with tiny splashes of blue and orange. His favorite colours.
We’re located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, covering the local scene and touring performances on local festivals.

Some articles are in English and some in Slovene.
Yes! (Was this a question?)

Why not opera?
When starting with writing theatre reviews, back in late 2000s, we were told opera is music reviewers’ turf. Also Žorž’s not that musical (or why he prefers a pencil).

Is this a serious blog? All these whimsical elements confuse me.
We’re serious in reviewing. We’re also serious in being curious. We’re not that serious in looking serious. As some of the texts could be hard going we thought readers might be happy to rest their eyes and brains on something less taxing. An online equivalent of chatting in a lobby between Act 1 and Act 2.

I’m an artists and I’d like you to cover my performance/event/piece.
Get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk it over with you. I can also offer dramaturgical feedback. Or myself in a role of a dramaturge.

I’m an editor/publisher and would like to publish an article of yours.
Gladly. This blog also serves as portfolio, any article can be developed further. Or you can commission me for whatever you have in mind.

I’m a producer …
yesyoucanhireme… moderation of talks, dramaturgy, stuff, yesyesyes!

I’m a google search bot. This section does n0t c0mput3. Ne3d d4ta 4 se4rch optimisashun.
“Trust me I’m a a critic” is a review blog / portfolio of Samo Oleami, writer, dramaturge, director and performer in the field of contemporary performing arts. Reviews and other writings cover a wide range of performing practices from contemporary dance, devised theatre, street theatre, improv theatre, drama theatre to neighbouring fields as performing art / live art, intermedia and boardgames.